Praise for the Alkaline diet includes…

“If you want a …break with life-changing results, the Mayr clinic is the only place to go”–Alice Thomas, The Mail on Sunday

“I came back feeling happier, calmer and looking brighter – lighter too. I have lost 6lbs”–Gwyneth Paltrow

“I have not felt so good so fast”–Uma Thurman, Red magazine

“If you’re looking for peace, relaxation, solitude and silence – along with the detox plan favoured by top Hollywood stars – then head to one of Europe’s finest old-school spas”–Hello magazine

“By the end of my stay, I was convinced I’d return…the Mayr had turned around the way I think about myself and my health”–Vogue

“Ultimate discretion and expert medical attention that will leave you brimming with vitality and life.”-– Tanya Rose Travel Secrets

“Victoria [Beckham] is on the alkaline diet and she swears by it for healthy eating and weight loss…I feel amazing!…I thought I knew what I was doing nutrition wise but I’m amazed what a difference alkalizing makes.”–Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice), in Hello magazine

“As long as we do not increase our body’s alkalinity, we will never solve the cancer riddle…It is the excess acid in our body that cultivates cancer”–Sang Whang, The Cancer Riddle

“My doctor said he had never known anyone be quite so well. I would put it down to complementary medicine and alkalizing my body.”–Louise Gray, Environmental Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph