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Dr Stephan Domenig

Dr Stephan Domenig is the Medical Director of the original F.X. Mayr clinic in Corinthia, Austra, “the most life changing spa in the world”, according to Tatler magazine’s spa awards.

A Message from the Author

Stephan DomenigI first studied medicine over twenty-one years ago. I was interested in people – why they behave the way they do, how they function and how and why they might be healthy or not. That last question was really the most difficult. Medical school told me everything I wanted to know about diseases and illnesses from a genetic or biochemical standpoint, but there was nothing about what it means to be healthy.

Food was not mentioned. Neither was exercise. No one seemed interested in discovering the soul of an illness. Medicine, for me, had to be more than just cutting up bodies and tying up bandages. There were very few attempts at understanding or trying anything different.

My first escape from this came with an inspiring course in chiropractics. There, I could use my hands to feel and touch the diseases – realign the spine, improve joint movements. This was fine at the time but I was still not treating the whole body. Then a friend gave me a book written in 1921 called Fundamentals of the Diagnosis of Digestive Illnesses by Dr Franz Xaver Mayr.

Mayr explained very elegantly the complete physiology of digestion, its central role for wellbeing and the connection between tissue tone and function, inner health and posture as one way to evaluate health. It was the first explanation that seemed right in principle – in medicine. I trained to become a Mayr doctor. I have now worked and treated thousands of patients. We combine old knowledge with a modern understanding of the body’s biochemistry, its needs for certain nutrients and how what we eat and the way that we eat fundamentally influence our health.

I am currently Director at the original F.X. Mayr clinic, and I’m proud to carry on this pioneering work with my dedicated and inspired team.

I live with my wife, who is also a medical doctor, and our two little sons Tizian and Selmo in Reifnitz, a few miles away from the clinic itself.

My goal is to inspire you on a personal journey to better digestive health and an enhanced sense of well-being. Our two-week programme is a starting point, an introduction to being your own doctor. It is one that has helped a great many people. And it will help you, too.

Stephan Domenig
Lake Wörthersee, Austria